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WISER's latest newsletter includes a feature on the recent changes to Social Security that can affect how married and divorced women can claim benefits. Also in this issue are updates on the fight for equal pay and the Older Americans Act. Finally, we share a personal story about a retirement decision many older adults are facing-do I stay where I am or move closer to my family? 

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  spring 2016 

Celebrating 20 Years of Being WISER!



Join us on September 20, 2016 for WISER's 20th anniversary celebration.  The event will take place at The Terrace at 101 Constitution Avenue NW in Washington, DC. A forum will be held from 2:00-5:30pm with a reception and awards presentation following.

More details will be posted soon. We hope to see you there!  

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Spend or Save? How apps can help you stay on track

Budgeting, or keeping track of how much money you're spending and on what, can do wonders for your savings. Monitoring your finances will not only help you stay on track but can also help you avoid over-the-top splurges.

Despite the benefits, many people don't budget simply because it sounds like too much work. Fortunately, the device that many of us carry around in our pockets all day- the smart phone- offers a possible solution. Check out WISER's blog to about some of the more popular smartphone apps.

Thank you for a successful event!

Social Security 80

Thank you to all the speakers and participants who attended WISER's recent forum, "The Millennial Perspective: An Intergenerational Discussion on Retirement Solutions." This forum featured the iOme Challenge winner who discussed his advisory paper in response to this year's challenge question.

The iOme Challenge encourages students to challenge status quo thinking about the current state of retirement. Learn more about the event and check out the forum presentations!

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