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Thank you for a great WISER Forum!

Thank you to all of the speakers and attendees who joined us for our recent forum, "Expanding Savings and Retirement Opportunities: Federal and State Solutions for the Generations." A special thank you to the iOme Challenge winning team of students from Northeastern University who discussed their advisory paper response to this year's challenge questions. Click here for more details and materials from the event.


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WISER Guest Blogs for America Saves

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WISER was recently featured as a guest blogger for America Saves. The blog, titled "Make Today Your Day: Figure out where your future paycheck will come from!" includes 5 ways you can get started on planning for your retirement. WISER is proud to partner with America Saves, ASEC, the Social Security Administration and the U.S. Treasury in the Campaign for a Secure Retirement

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

On June 15th, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day celebrated its 10th anniversary. WISER is proud to be a national partner in this ongoing effort to raise awareness about elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. Get involved! WISER has great resources for keeping seniors safe from financial scams and exploitation. Read the Presidential Proclamation and learn more about the First Global Summit for WEAAD.

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Five Things You Better Know about Medicare

Medicare is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year as the nation's federal health insurance program. Many people, however, do not know the very basic but important facts about the program. Read WISER's blog to learn about five key things you need to know about Medicare. This blog is part of an ongoing series for the Campaign for a Secure Retirement and Older Americans Month.


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