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WISER Newsletter Summer 2014

Where's Your Retirement Savings Nest Egg? Rolled Over? Cashed Out? Consider the Benefits of Keeping 401(k) Accounts Together!
While the popular myth is that you should always "rollover" your retirement money into an IRA (individual retirement account), that is not always the case. Taking your money with you to your next job helps to ease management of your retirement accounts, and it's also likely to reduce fees.

Forum Organized by WISER and TIAA-CREF Institute

Creating Women's Financial Security in Higher Education - Capital Building

Lessons from Higher Education for Promoting Women's Financial Security, a WISER and the TIAA-CREF Institute forum, is on September 30th in Washington, DC. The event will be held from 1-5:30pm. Register now!

A detailed schedule is now available

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Summer Piggy Bank

The Kids Are All Right. But How Are You?

As summer comes to an end and our children go back to school, paying for educational expenses is a common topic in households. On average, parents are paying 27% of the cost of college, and many dip into their retirement savings to help. The long term cost of this decision can be expensive. Our newest blog offers three simple tips to make sure paying for your children's dreams don't cost you yours.

New Tool! The Lifetime Income Annuity Calculator

Annuity calculator

An annuity can be a great option for women. It provides a guaranteed source of income no matter how long you live! WISER's Lifetime Income Annuity Calculator* is a simple tool to help you figure out what an annuity will cost and how much monthly income an annuity can provide. Try it today!

*Lifetime Income Annuity Calculator powered by Income Solutions®

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