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Defined Benefit VS Defined Contribution Plans

Retirement Plans - Understanding the Basics

October is the perfect time to start planning your end of the year expenses. WISER encourages you to remember to pay yourself first and contribute to your retirement plan before buying items for the holidays. With National Save for Retirement Week coming soon, is there a better time re-examine your retirement plan? Our newest blog explains the different plan types and how best to contribute to your retirement.

WISER in Minneapolis

Woman's Club of Minneapolis

Celebrate National Save for Retirement Week with WISER, in Minneapolis!

For National Save for Retirement Week, WISER is hosting a fall forum in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 23rd! The forum will be held at the Woman's Club of Minneapolis from 8am to 2pm. It will focus on the current issues surrounding woman's retirement in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. You can register online. To learn more about the specific topics and speakers, click here.

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WISER Newsletter Summer 2014

Where's Your Retirement Savings Nest Egg? Rolled Over? Cashed Out? Consider the Benefits of Keeping 401(k) Accounts Together!
While the popular myth is that you should always "rollover" your retirement money into an IRA (individual retirement account), that is not always the case. Taking your money with you to your next job helps to ease management of your retirement accounts, and it's also likely to reduce fees.

New Tool! The Lifetime Income Annuity Calculator

Annuity calculator

An annuity can be a great option for women. It provides a guaranteed source of income no matter how long you live! WISER's Lifetime Income Annuity Calculator* is a simple tool to help you figure out what an annuity will cost and how much monthly income an annuity can provide. Try it today!

*Lifetime Income Annuity Calculator powered by Income Solutions®

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Use WISER's calculator to determine when you should start saving for retirement and how much you can really afford to save. It's an excel file.