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You`re Invited! WISER Forum on June 28th in DC

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On June 28th, WISER will host, "The Millennial Perspective: An Intergenerational Discussion on Retirement Solutions." This forum will feature the iOme Challenge winning team who will discuss their advisory paper in response to this year's challenge question.

The iOme Challenge encourages students to challenge status quo thinking about the current state of retirement. This year's teams were asked how the private retirement system can be re-imagined to accommodate the needs of those in traditional work arrangements as well as the changes in the work-life patterns of the Millennial generation. Learn more about the event and register online today!

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What to Do If You're Forced into Early Retirement

Americans nowadays are retiring later in life than ever, due to longer life spans, better mental and physical health, and-unfortunately-lack of savings to retire earlier. But for a growing number of older Americans, retirement age isn't a choice. If you lose your job in the ten years or so before you planned to retire, it can be difficult to find a new job that matches your skills, interests and financial requirements.

Check out WISER's blog to learn more about what you can do if you are forced to retire sooner than you expected.

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New Research: The Appalachian Savings Project

Creating Opportunity Cover

WISER recently released the final report for our Appalachian Savings Project. This project created a matched savings program for self-employed childcare workers in rural Ohio and West Virginia. After a year of saving, project participants averaged $1,150 in savings, or 5.5% of their income.

This project demonstrates that despite all the financial barriers and competing demands, lower- and moderate-income workers, self-employed workers and small business operators can save regularly, and savings incentives help people overcome inertia and significantly boost their level of cash assets. Read WISER's summary of the project, and visit our research page for the full data evaluation report.


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