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When planning for retirement,most people focus on how much money they need to save for when they retire but ignore the later years when we often have to depend on others. WISER's latest newsletter includes a feature article on "aging in place" and the issues you need to consider to ensure that you can live with security and indepedence. Also in this issue, read about financial steps to better plan for the "empty nest" phase of life, as well as new research from WISER about the way gender influences financial matters overall.

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  fall 2016 

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It's Never Too Early to Talk to Children about Retirement

One of the best ways to make sure that children grow to understand the importance of retirement saving is to start planting the seeds of knowledge at a young age. A valuable tool for introducing the concept and value of long-term saving is WISER's publication, Sonja Meets Her Future Self. The illustrated children's book tells the story of a young girl named Sonja who travels through time and meets herself at different points in her life.

Check out WISER's blog to learn more about Sonja's story and download a copy of the book for the children in your life.

sonja book

Toolkit - Savvy Saving Seniors: Steps to Avoiding Scams

WISER and the National Council on Aging developed a toolkit to help professionals educate older adults about protecting their economic security and avoiding common financial scams. This newly revised toolkit provides everything you need to host an education workshop in your local community. Topics include an overview of popular scams targeting seniors, tips for avoiding them, and next steps for victims of financial fraud. Access the free toolkit online today!

  Savvy Saving Seniors

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