2005 Events

The Booming Dynamics of Aging: From Awareness to Action spoken about at the White House Conference on Aging where Cindy Hounsell served as a delegate
December 11-14, 2005, Washington, D.C.

Managing the Risks of Retirement presented at the 2005 Elder Law Series: Pathways to Legal and Financial Solutions Workshop by Cindy Hounsell and Sally Hurme
December 1, 2005, Wheaton, Maryland.

Economic Security in Retirement presented at the CAWP New England Forum for Women State Legislators by Cindy Hounsell
November 17, 2005, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Cindy Hounsell participated in the Greater Federation of Women’s Clubs Resource Event
November 10, 2005, Washington, D.C.

Women’s Retirement spoken about on The Ruth Koscielak Radio Show by Cindy Hounsell
November 2005.

Women Alone: Managing the Longevity Risks of Retirement presented at the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement Symposium on Women’s Retirement
October 27, 2005, Washington, D.C.

Your Future Paycheck: Taking Control of Your Financial Future presented at the Government Printing Office Federal Credit Union
October 18, 2005, Washington, D.C.

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Money—Develop a Personal Spending Plan That Works for You! Presented at the 3rd Annual Every Woman’s Conference by Cindy Hounsell
October 14, 2005, White Plains, New York.

Financial Literacy Round Table at the MANA Summit on Health-Care and Home ownership
October 12, 2005, Washington, D.C.

Testimony on Retirement Plan Distributions & Options for the ERISA Advisory Council, U.S. Department of Labor, by Cindy Hounsell
September 22, 2005, Washington, D.C.

2005 Senior Expo at Warren County Technical School
September 17, 2005, Washington, New Jersey.

A Day to C.A.R.E.: Change, Appreciate, Renew and Enrich: “New Season—New Perspectives” sponsored by Allegheny County Department of Human Services Area Agency on Aging
September 16, 2005, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Black Family Reunion Celebration sponsored by WISER in conjunction with The National Council of Negro Women, Inc.
September 10-11, 2005, Washington, D.C.

Fourth Circle of Wellness Health Fair presented on behalf of the Social Security Administration Office of Hearings & Appeals and the Department of Justice by Cindy Hounsell
September 8, 2005, Falls Church Virginia

Taking Control of Your Financial Future presented at the Montgomery County Commission for Women Counseling & Career Center by Cheryl Gannon
August 31, 2005, Rockville, Maryland.

Take Charge of Your Financial Future presented at the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority 85th Anniversary Celebration by Cindy Hounsell
July 22, 2005, Washington, D.C.

Workplace of the Future: Spotlight on the Mature Nursing Workforce presented at The Center for American Nurses by Cindy Hounsell
July 22, 2005, Washington, D.C.

Women and Pensions: How can we close the gap? How much of the gap is caused by the pay gap? presented at the 2005 US-UK Dialogue on Pensions hosted by AARP and EBRI by Cindy Hounsell
July 21, 2005, Washington, D.C.

Prepare for the Future: What Caregivers Need to Know About Retirement presented at the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging 30th Annual Conference and Tradeshow by Cindy Hounsell
July 10, 2005, Bellevue, Washington.

The ABC’s of Social Security Reform Impact on Women and Families hosted by Democracy for Howard County and presented by Cindy Hounsell
June 23, 2005, Columbia, Maryland.

Mini-Conference on the Future of Caregiving held by the House Conference on Aging moderated by Cindy Hounsell
June 22, 2005, Washington, D.C.

Money: What the Women in Your Life Should Know About It presented at the U.S. Administration on Aging by Cindy Hounsell
May 17, 2005, Washington, D.C.

Financial Steps for Caregivers: A Model Workshop presented to Allegheny County DHS, Area Agency on Agency by Cindy Hounsell
May 12, 2005, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Latina Retirement Security presented at the NHCOA Hispanic Elderly Policy Symposium by Cindy Hounsell
May 11, 2005, Washington, D.C.

Your Future Paycheck presented to the FSA Aging Conference, U.S. Department of Agriculture, by Cheryl Gannon
May 10, 2005, Washington, D.C.

Financial Assistance for Elders and Caregivers presented at the National Title VI Training & Technical Assistance Forum hosted by the Administration on Aging Office for American Indian, Alaskan Native & Native Hawaiian Programs by Cindy Hounsell
April 24-28, 2005, Arlington, Virginia.

Cindy Hounsell Participated in Creating a Comprehensive National Long-Term Care Policy: White House Conference on Aging "LTC Mini-Conference"
April 19-20, 2005, Washington, D.C.

Not Just Pin Money: The Significance for Women’s Social Security presented at Women Work! On the Move 2005 National Conference by Cindy Hounsell, Hillary Cohen and Pam Larson
April 6-8, 2005, Washington, D.C.

Latina Financial Planning 2005: Your Future Paycheck presented at MANA’s Latinas Changing America: Educational and Training Annual Conference by Cindy Hounsell
April 1, 2005, San Antonio, Texas.

Financial Steps for Caregivers presented at The Ombudsman Program: Train the Trainer Workshop by Cindy Hounsell
March 29, 2005, Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Retirement Income Security: Reflecting and Responding to the New Faces of Aging presented by Laurel Beedon and Cindy Hounsell at the 2005 Joint Conference of the American Society on Aging and the National Council on the Aging
March 10-13, 2005, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Unique Challenges Facing Women in Retirement presented at NAVA 2005 Marketing Conference by Cindy Hounsell
March 1, 2005, Tucson, Arizona


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