2004 Events

Personal Financial Literacy for Women Through the Lifespan presented at Virginians Against Domestic Violence Training Institute by Patricia Humphlett
December 11, 2004, Richmond, Virginia.

An Uphill Climb for Women: Building Retirement Income Security presented at WISER’s Symposium and Hero Awards by Cindy Hounsell and Laurel Beedon
December 9, 2004, Washington, D.C.

WISER Workshop presented at the First Biennial Policy Summit presented by Cindy Hounsell
November 12-13, 2004, Rochester, New York.

"Financial Well Being of Older Women" presented at the Carillon Lectures on Aging by Cindy Hounsell
November 9, 2004, Lubbock, Texas.

The Economic Realities of Being a Woman presented at Every Women’s Conference by Cindy Hounsell
November 6, 2004, Valhalla, New York.

Knowledge as Power: The Economy and Gender presented at The Grantmakers in Aging Annual Conference— The Future is Here: A Widow on Our Changing America by Cindy Hounsell
October 27-29, 2004, Miami, Florida.

What Women Need to Know About Money and Retirement presented at From Purses to Portfolios by Pat Humphlett
October 23, 2004, Wilmington, Delaware.

Your Future Paycheck: Tools for Teaching Women and Girls About the Importance of Financial Planning presented at the DePaul University Egan Center by Cindy Hounsell
October 20, 2004, Chicago, Illinois.

Planning For My Retirement: Social Security, Pensions and Investments presented at Las Mujeres y El Dinero: Asegurando Su Futuro Financiero by Cindy Hounsell
October 16, 2004, New York, New York.

WISER Presented at the 12th Generations United International Conference 
October 14-18, 2004, Washington, D.C. 

Retirement presented at the Financial Empowerment for Women Informational Series by Cindy Hounsell
October 12, 2004, New York, New York.

Risks and Rewards of a Long Life presented at the 23rd Annual Employee Benefits Symposium by Cindy Hounsell
October 3-6 2004, Las Vegas, NV.

Retirement presented at the Defined Benefit Symposium at the National Academy of Actuaries
March 24, 2004, Washington, D.C.

The Department of Labor Women’s Bureau-sponsored brown bag speaker series session on Financial Independence moderated by Cindy Hounsell
March 23, 2004, Washington, D.C.

Guide to Money and Retirement presented at Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Early Childhood Development by Cindy Hounsell
March 17, 2004, Washington, D.C.

Building Financial Wealth presented at MANA’s Enriching Quality of Life for Latinas Annual Conference and Membership Meeting by Cindy Hounsell
March 13, 2004, Overland Park, Kansas.

Financial Education: Essential Tools for Trainers presented at Women Work! 2004 National Conference by Cindy Hounsell in conjunction with Fannie Mae
February 18-20, 2004, Washington, D.C

WISER workshop on Financial Management presented to the Holy Christian Missionary Baptist Church for All People
February 11, 2004, Washington, D.C.

Financial Security presented to Linkages to Learning by Cindy Hounsell
February 11, 2004, Silver Spring, Maryland.

Achieving Financial Freedom presented at Achieving Financial Freedom: A Financial Workshop for Women by Cindy Hounsell
February 7, 2004, Long Island City, New York.

Financial Literacy and Programming for Latinas presented at MANA’s AvanZamos Fellowship Training and MANA Leadership Institute in Austin by Cindy Hounsell
January 30, 2004, Austin, Texas.

Financial Management presented to the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority by Cindy Hounsell
January 24, 2004, Washington, D.C.

Retirement Planning:Public-Knowledge, Decision Making and Psychology presented at the National Academy of Social Insurance 16th Annual Conference by Cindy Hounsell
January 22, 2004, Washington, D.C.

WISER Workshop presented at the Library of Congress by Cindy Hounsell
January 2004, Washington, D.C.


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