Personal Planning Checklist For The End Of Life

Who should be notified? Include the names, addresses and phone numbers of doctors, attorneys, employers, relatives, friends, business associates, the executor or trustee of your estate, religious and social organizations and anyone else who should be notified of your death.

Make arrangements for your body or specify what you want:

  • Do you want to be an organ or a tissue donor?
  • Do you want to donate your body?


Make funeral arrangements or specify what funeral arrangements you want.

  • Do you have a funeral director or funeral home you prefer?
  • Do you want a viewing?
  • Do you want to be buried or cremated?
  • Do you want a funeral or memorial service?
  • Do you want a private service?
  • Do you want a religious service? What denomination?
  • Do you want a military service?
  • Do you want certain music, or readings, at your service?
  • Do you want someone you name to give your eulogy? Whom?
  • Do you want pall bearers? Whom?

Where do you want your remains to be placed?

Do you have a headstone or marker in mind?

Obituary: What would you like in your obituary?

Memorials: If donations are made in your name, to what charity, organization, etc., do you wish them to go?

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