Upcoming WISER Events       

2017 AvanZamos Leadership Institute hosted by MANA, A National Latina Organization
July 24-26, 2017
Las Vegas, NV
WISER President Cindy Hounsell will present at the Financial Literacy Consultant Training session. This program provides training to selected MANA Chapter and Affiliate members to serve as "Financial Literacy Consultants" within their communities.

National Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) 42nd Annual National Conference
July 29 - August 2, 2017
Savannah, GA
WISER President CIndy Hounsell will present the workshop "Your Future Paycheck: How to Plan for Retirement with the Income You Have," along with Maureen Kelly, Thanks Mom and Dad Fund; and Linda K. Stone, Society of Actuaries. Learn more about the conference. 


Other Events

Financial Literacy Events  

The U.S Department of the Treasury provides an update of financial literacy and related events around the country, as well as other resources.  To find an event near you, click here.


Previous WISER Events in 2017: 


Webinar: Everything You Need to Know About Senior Financial Abuse
Hosted by Jewish Women International(JWI)'s National Alliance to End Domestic Abuse
June 29, 2017
WISER President Cindy Hounsell was the featured presenter on this webinar that examined the many aspects of elder financial abuse and the cost to older Americans. 

WISER Forum: The Millennial Perspective: An Intergenerational Discussion on Retirement Solutions
June 21, 2017
Washington, DC

This annual WISER forum featured the iOme Challenge winning team of college students who discussed their advisory paper in response to this year's challenge question. This year, student teams were asked to explore one the biggest obstacles Millennials face in saving for retirement--student loan debt. The Challenge question asked teams to develop a policy proposal that will help solve or ease the burden of college debt for Millennials, and then offer ideas for developing incentives to ensure that their earnings will be redirected into retirement savings. Read the winning essay

Montgomery County Public Libraries - Financial Education for Women Program
April 27, 2017
Chevy Chase Library Branch
WISER President Cindy Hounsell presented a session on "What Women Need to Know about Retirement."

NationalReverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA)'s Eastern Regional Meeting
April 3, 2017
New York, NY
WISER Senior Fellow Linda K. Stone presented on a panel about women and retirement security. 

Retirement Plan Portability & Public Policy: Unlocking the potential in portability
March 30, 2017
10:30am - 12:00pm EST
Washington, DC
WISER was a co-sponsor of this event, hosted by the Financial Services Roundtable. Event featured new research from EBRI that demonstrates the potential in portability, as well as Auto Portability's role in unlocking that potential.  

Aging in America: The Annual Conference of the American Society on Aging
March 20-24, 2017
Chicago, IL
WISER President Cindy Hounsell presented at three sessions during the conference:
March 21 - "National Forum: A Message to the President on Aging Policy" held during the conference. Cindy Hounsell spoke as a panelist.
March 21 - "When Life Happens: Managing Financial Events Such as Divorce or Loss of a Spouse" with Sandra Timmermann, nationally recognized gerontologist with a focus on aging and its relation to business; and John Migliaccio, President of Maturity Mark Services Co.
March 23 - "When I'm 65: Educating and Engaging Communities About Retirement Realities" with Don Blandin, President and CEO of the Investor Protection Trust (IPT) and the Investor Protection Institute (IPI); and Kerry Hannon, financial journalist.  

Social Security Administration Celebrates Women's History Month
March 7, 2017
In honor of Women's History Month, SSA hosted a call to launch Social Security's initiative to encourage women in all stages of life to complete a financial wellness check-up to "Discover, Plan and Share": Discover your Social Security benefits; Plan for your financial security; and, Share what you've learned with other women. WISER President Cindy Hounsell presented on the call.

"How to Grow Old Without Going Broke" - A webinar hosted in partnership with the American Association of Service Coordinators
January 18, 2017
WISER Director of Programs Lara Hinz, and WISER Community Educator and Trainer Vickie Elisa presented on the topics of financial and retirement planning and protecting older adults from financial fraud and abuse.  

Living to 100 Symposium, hosted by the Society of Actuaries
January 4, 2107
WISER President Cindy Hounsell presented on the panel, "Impact of Aging: What Can Individuals and the Private Sector Do to Address the Challenges Resulting from Aging?", along with Bob Powell, Retirement Weekly; David Sinclair, International Longevity Centre - UK; and Susana Harding, International Longevity Centre - Singapore.


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