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Download a copy of WISERWoman Spring 2017.

Investing in 2017: Finding a Solution That Works For You

Part of what makes retirement planning a challenge is that we are often planning for the unknown. Things like how long we'll live, how our investments will perform,and what healthcare we'll need are questions we don't have definite nswers to, yet we still need to factor them in. This issue offers ideas on planning for the unknown. While we can't predict the future, the more we plan ahead, the more prepared we will be for life's surprises.

Spring 2017











Download a copy of WISERWoman Fall 2016.

Forgot to Plan? Make Aging in Place Your Plan - The Key to Living Longer and Independently

This issue includes a feature on "aging in place" to help you plan to live independently as long as possible. Also in this issue, read about financial steps to better plan for the "empty nest" phase of life, as well as new research from WISER about the way gender influences financial matters overall.



Fall 2016











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