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WISER Report Highlights Effective Financial Education Project for Nurses

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In 2012, WISER released the final report from its Nurses’ Investor Education Project, a multi-year financial education initiative aiming to improve nurses’ financial security using educational tools, resources, and peer-to-peer training and workshops. Read the final report and press release.

The Nurses’ Investor Education Project was a joint partnership between WISER and the Center for American Nurses (now part of the American Nurses Association), funded by a grant from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, to identify nurses’ specific financial information needs and provide them with tools to help them successfully manage and build their wealth into retirement. The Project worked with state nurse associations to conduct train-the-trainer and financial education workshops, and further provides no-strings-attached, straight-forward information and resources that can be easily accessed by nurses across the country.


For more information about the Project, check out the original Fact sheet and Press release.

Retirement Planning Resources for Nurses

The Busy Nurses' Financial Planning Guide and Workbook (published 2019 and adapted from The Busy Nurses' Guide to Financial Planning)

The Busy Nurse's Guide to Financial Planning (booklet) (revised 2015)
The Busy Nurse's Financial Planning Workbook (published 2010)
Nurses' Retirement Decision Making Guide (published 2009)

Nurse Investor Education Survey

In 2008, and with a follow-up in 2009, the Nurses’ Investor Education Project conducted a survey to assess nurses’ attitudes toward, preparation for, and knowledge concerning investing for retirement. The survey revealed that nurses may be saving for retirement, but few are planning and investing to meet retirement needs.

Survey Report: Nurses Investor Education Report
Press Release: Nurses and Retirement Security: A Looming Crisis?

Additional Resources

Fidelity Nurses Study: 2015 Money FIT Nurses Study 
Fidelity Resource: Financial Checkup on Nurses' Retirement Readiness

Career Opportuniites: Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (AGNP) has put together a guide that breaks down what becoming an AGNP entails. Scholarship opportunities, certification information, and a directory of gerontology master's programs are included. There is a focus on online degree options that offer greater flexibility for nurses already working in the field: Becoming an Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (AGNP)

Financial aid guide for nurses:


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