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Getting Started: Retirement Basics   • Managing Income, Savings, Debt, and Credit
Developing a Retirement Plan   • Investment Basics and Types   • Health, Long-Term Care, and Insurance
Taxes, Homeownership, and Organizing Your Finances   • Scams, Frauds, and Elder Financial Abuse
Small Businesses   • Caregiving   • Divorce   • Widowhood   • Veterans and Their Families
Calculators & Tools   • Women & Retirement: The Facts and Statistics   • En Español   • Tagalog                           

Getting Started: Retirement Basics
Retirement Readiness Checklist
Retirement Income Checklist
Who Receives Retirement Income
10 Ways Baby Boom Women (and Men) can SAVE Themselves from Retirement Poverty
5 Things Women Need to Do for Retirement
Five Questions to Ask Your Mother or Grandmother
Five Money Myths That Get Smart Women in Trouble
The Beginner's Guide to Saving and Investing
WISER Pension Checklist

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Managing Income, Savings, Debt, and Credit
How to Start Saving For Your Retirement
Savings SOS
Investing Early - Download the Worksheets
Keep Track of Your Spending
Budget Worksheet-Short Version (pdf)
Budget Worksheet-Long Version (pdf)
5 Money Traps That Keep You Broke
It's Never Too Late to Start Saving
Figuring Out Your Net Worth
5 Money Mistakes Women Should Avoid
5 Money Mistakes Women in Couples Should Avoid

Get Your Ducks in a Row
Debt Warning Signs
Debt Collection: What You Need to Know

Payday Lending: Avoding the Debt Trap

Credit and Your Credit Report: What You Need to Know
Get Your Credit Report
Credit Card Basics
Debit Cards
How the CARD Act of 2009 Helps You Protect Your Credit
Prepaid Cards - Read the Fine Print!
10 Ways to Become Financially WISER!
Senior Credit Card Debt

Your Future Paycheck: Money Smarts for Teens
Credit Card Debt for College Students
Protect Your Students: Credit Card Debt 101

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Developing a Retirement Plan
Types of Retirement Plans
Retirement Basics
Benefits Checklist: Your Current & Future Paychecks
Women & Pensions:  What You Need to Know
The Working Woman's Retirement Plan Checklist
Make the Right Choices for Your Retirement
Private Pensions and their Importance
Lump Sum Pension Payment
Pension Integration
Get Help: Pension Counseling Projects
5 Things Mothers Should Tell Daughters About Money and Retirement

Finally! Your 401(k) Questions Answered!
Don't Spend Your 401(k) Money!
401(k) Fees Checklist
Glossary of Pension & 401 (k) Terms

Social Security:  What Every Woman Needs to Know
Social Security Checklist
Social Security: Two Approaches to Long-Term Solvency
Improving Social Security Benefits for Women
Government Pensions Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision
What Women Get From Social Security and Pensions
Time for Major Overhaul of Social Security?
Your Social Security Statement: What it Means and Why It's Important
Hispanics and Social Security

Making Up for Lost Time: Delaying Retirement

Financial Planners
Financial Planner Alert 

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Investment Basics and Types
Savings, Investment & Account Information Worksheet
"I'm Ready to Save, Now What?" The Basics of Saving and Investing
Asset Allocation: Don't Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket
Making Investment Choices:  Risk & Return

And You Thought that IRA that Aunt Sadie Left You Was Free Money
Traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
Roth IRAs
Spousal IRAs
3 Things You Must Know about Your IRA
Saving with a myRA 

Mutual Funds - The Basics 
Mutual Fund Investing: What You Need to Consider
Mutual Fund Expenses
Stocks, Bonds, and Money Market Investments
Dollar-Cost Averaging

U.S. Savings Bonds
I Bonds
"Callable" CDs: Read the Small Print

Annuities:  Why You Need to Know How They Work
Variable Deferred Annuities:  One Size Does Not Fit All
Making Your Money Last Through Your Retirement - Immediate Annuities 


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Health, Long-Term Care, and Insurance
Prevent Medicare Fraud: 10 Do’s and Don’ts from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Signing Up for Medicare: It’s Not Necessarily Automatic 
Medicare Basics
Understanding Medicare Preventive Benefits
Healthier and WISER: A Guide to Finding Health Insurance

Long-Term Care - What Are Your Options?
Long Term Care Insurance (pdf) 
WISER Woman's Guide to Insurance
Long Term Care Resource Guide (pdf) 

Financial Planning for the Terminally Ill: Protect Your Wishes and Those Who Care About You
Personal Planning Checklist for the End of Life

Documents Checklist for End of Life Planning

Viatical Settlements: Should I Sell My Life Insurance Policy to Get Cash Now?

Advance Directives: Two Legal Documents You Should Have to Make Your Wishes Known

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Taxes, Homeownership, and Organizing Your Finances
Federal Saver's Tax Credit
Earned Income Tax Credit
Reverse Mortgages - Would One Be Right for You?
9 Things You Should Know about Reverse Mortgages
Home Equity Loans
Home Equity Loans—Borrower Beware!
Selling Your Home

Financial Documents: What to Keep And What to Toss
Disasters and Emergencies – What to Know and What to do to Get Back on your Feet

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Scams, Frauds, and Elder Financial Abuse
Protecting Your Income: Tips for Elders
Don't Be a Victim: Protect Yourself and Those You Love from Financial Abuse
Predatory Lending
Financial Abuse Prevention Checklist
Too Good to be True Checklist


Small Businesses
Retirement Plans for Small Businesses


Caregiving and Retirement Security
The Effects of Caregiving
Caregiver Resources
Older Caregivers
Caregivers: Care For Yourself While Caring for Others


Divorce: A Time for Caution
Pensions And Divorce
10 Ways to Avoid Losing the Pension During a Divorce: Important questions to ask your lawyer
IRAs and Divorce
Social Security and Divorce: What You Need to Know
Credit and Divorce
7 Key Questions To Ask BEFORE Your Divorce is Finalized
12 Mistakes Lawyers Make Preparing Pension Orders During a Divorce 

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Widows and Widowhood
Widowhood: Why Women Need to Talk About This Issue
Widow's Checklist
Why You and Your Spouse Need to Know About Survivor's Benefits
Rights of Surviving Spouses
Spousal Protections in Pensions and Other Retirement Plans

Veterans and Their Families
Pension Benefit Programs for Veterans and Their Survivors
Veterans Benefits- What They Are and Tips on Getting What You Deserve

Calculators & Tools
Retirement Income Calculator
Download our investment calculator worksheet to understand the benefits of investing early (Excel file). 

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Women & Retirement: The Facts and Statistics
Women & Pensions: An Overview
The Pay Gap’s Connected To The Retirement Gap
Men's and Women's Incomes in 2009
Older Women and Poverty: A Not So Rosy Picture
Single Older African American Women and Poverty
Single Older Hispanic Women and Poverty
Women's Lower Median Job Tenure Impacts Their Retirement Savings

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En Español
Los Beneficios de Invertir Temprano (PDF)
Cómo tener en cuenta sus gastos
Hoja de Trabajo para su Presupuesto (PDF)
Lista de comprobación para las mujeres en el campo laboral referente a la jubilación
Calcúle sus fuentes de ingresos de jubilación o retiro (pdf)
El Seguro Social: Lo que toda mujer debe saber
Señales del endeudamiento
5 trampas que le hacen perder dinero
Lo Básico Sobre Tarjetas de Crédito
Ejemplo de una carta para pagar deudas
Lo Básico Sobre las Inversiones
El Bono “I”: El más reciente bono de ahorros de los Estados Unidos

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Listahan ng mga bagay-bagay isaalang-alang upang malaman kung handa ka nang mag-retiro.

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