Saving & Investing Resources

Investor Information 

FINRA Securities Helpline for Seniors
A toll-free number that senior investors can call to get assistance from FINRA or raise concerns about issues with brokerage accounts and investments.
Call 844-57-HELPS (844-574-3577)
Monday - Friday
9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern Time 


Financial Literacy

Business and Professional Women Foundation
Supports the elimination of the final barriers to equal participation by women in the workforce. The Foundation encourages women to pursue nontraditional and "green jobs," provides female veteran support, gives tips for young workers, and has an advocacy center.

National Hispanic Council on Aging
Works to improve the quality of life for Hispanic/Latino elderly, and their families and communities. They focus on health promotion, financial security, civic engagement, education, and housing.

Securities and Exchange Commission: Office of Investor Education and Assistance
Helps you to invest wisely while avoiding fraud. There is special information for seniors about annuities, callable, CD's and what to do before you invest.

Budgeting & Money Management

American Savings Education Council: Choose to Save
Provides advices on how to save for retirement and combat credit debt. It gives tips for budgeting, talking to children about money, and how to avoid sub-prime lending.

AARP: Money Management Program
Offers daily money management service to help low-income older or disabled people who have difficulty budgeting, paying routine bills, and keeping track of financial matters.


Credit Union National Association
Provides financial information for consumers, has links to member financial literacy, research, and products and services.

Freddie Mac: Credit Smart Program
Includes a financial education curriculum and consumer outreach initiative to help consumers build and maintain better credit, make good financial decisions, and understand the steps to sustainable home ownership.

National Foundation for Credit Counseling
Updates consumers on scams, as well as provides tools for budgeting, financial calculators, and financial facts. It also has information on how to deal with credit debt.

Home-Related Resources

Sharing Housing
Provides tips and information on shared housing as a way to save money and increase social connections for women at any stage of life.

AARP: Reverse Mortgages
Provides independent consumer information on reverse mortgages and their alternatives to help people stay in their homes.

Actuarial Foundation: Financial Smarts
This newsletter entitled "If Disaster Strikes" provides helpful information on disaster insurance for home owners and other potential insurance and improvement needs.

NCRC operates a free of charge national hotline designed to connect older adults and their families to local housing counseling services. Their Housing Counseling Network assists older adults with basic money management and debt counseling, foreclosure prevention, and understanding reverse mortgage options. Call 1-800-475-NCRC for help with housing needs.


Women's Bureau

U.S. Department of Labor: Women's Bureau Regional Offices
Has initiatives for women to prepare them for jobs, including Women in Apprenticeships and Nontraditional Occupations, Wi$e up- Financial Education, and flex options.

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