Publications And Fact Sheets

WISER publications and fact sheets are available to download and print for personal and individual use only. If you would like multiple copies for distribution, please contact WISER at to inquire about publication orders. 

The Busy Nurses' Guide to Financial Planning

This comprehensive yet easy-to-read guide is geared toward helping nurses understand the basics of financial planning and successfully manage and build their wealth into retirement. From analyzing savings plans to highlighting important financial tips for every age, this guide will help you plan for a more financially secure future.

To download the guide, click here.
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Nurses Retirement Decision-Making Guide

This concise guide provides key information needed for making important retirement decisions. This booklet will point you in the right direction for determining how to start saving now for a more secure retirement down the road.

To download the guide, click here.


Nurse Fact Sheets & Financial Planning Workbook
These Nurse Fact Sheets provide information and interactive planning tools to help you manage your finances and plan for retirement. You can download each fact sheet individually, or download them all in The Busy Nurses' Financial Planning Workbook.

5 Things Women Need To Do For Retirement
Budget Worksheet
Figuring Out Your Net Worth
Debt Warning Signs
Get A Free Credit Report
Credit Card Worksheet
Add Up Your Sources of Retirement Income
Ways to Boost Your Savings Worksheet
Retirement Readiness Checklist
Social Security: What Every Woman Needs to Know
Your Social Security Statement: What it Means and Why It’s Important
Managing Your Money in Retirement
The Working Woman’s Pension Checklist
10 Questions to Ask Before Your Buy Long-Term Care Insurance
Long-Term Care Options

Journal Articles
"Nurses with Attitude - about Retirement Planning, That Is"
by Kathy Stokes Murray
Nursing that Works Journal,
March 2010

“Planning for Retirement: It’s Time for Busy Nurses to Get Around to It”
by Kathy Stokes Murray
Nursing that Works Journal,
December 2009

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