NURSES FIRST Online Journal Articles

The CENTER for American Nurses launched its online journal, NURSES FIRST, in June 2008. The publication is a vital instrument for educating, equipping, and empowering nurses to advocate for themselves, their profession and their patients. NURSES FIRST focuses on topics that directly affect nurses and it is the first national publication that concentrates specifically on nurse workforce advocacy issues and strategies.


The following articles were published in NURSES FIRST as part of the Nurse’s Investor Education Project:

The CARD* Act of 2009: What the Legislation Could Mean for Your Credit Right Now
November/December 2009

Protecting Your Mother from Financial Fraud and Abuse
September/October 2009

Get It Together: Financial and Health Care Paperwork You Need Right Now
July/August 2009

Less Stressed in a Stressed Economy
May/June 2009

Know What You Have: Employee Benefits
March/April 2009

Credit Scores
January/February 2009

Managing the Risks of Retirement
September/October 2008

Beyond Savings: Four Steps to Bolster Your Retirement Security
June 2008

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