Minority Women And Women Of Color

These sites are listed to show the range of information available for minority women. WISER does not endorse any of these sites, and recommends that you investigate the sources before obtaining any services.

"Housing Discrimination Against Racial and Ethnic Minorities 2012," highlights the wealth statistics of minority women and the discrepancies between their earnings and those of their white counterparts.
June 2013
Source: HUD

"The Financial Needs and Attitudes of Women of Color," explores the needs, behaviors, aspirations, and attitudes toward financial institutions, advisors and products of American women of color.
December 2012
Source: State Farm Center for Women and Financial Services

"Enhancing Economic Security for the Latino Community," analyzes the Latino baby boom populations and their financial standing in retirement.
March 2012
Source: Latinos & Economic Security/CPRA

"401 (k) Plans in Living Color II: A Study of 41'(k) Savings Disparities Across Racial and Ethnic Groups," investigates disparities in defined contribution plan savings by race.
Source: AON

"Latino Retirement (IN)Security," analyzes minority retirement insecurity.
February 2012
Source: UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education

"An Overview of American Indians and Alaska Natives in the Context of Social Security and Supplemental Security Income," analyzes the Social Security status of the American Indian populaiton.
2012 Source: Social Security Administration

"The Crisis of Economic Insecurity For African-American and Latino Seniors"
September 2011
Source: Demos

"Social Security and Black Women"
May 2011
Source: Institute for Women's Policy Research

"Latinas and Social Security"
April 2011
Source: Institute for Women's Policy Research

"Korean Baby Boomers in Transition"
March 2011
Source: Met Life

"Social Security: Especially Vital to Women and People of Color, Men Increasingly reliant"
January 2011
Source: Institute for Women's Policy Research

"Social Security: A Key Retirement Income Source for Minorities; AARPliant"
September 2010
Source: AARP

"Disparities For Women and Minorities in Retirement Saving"
September 2010
Source: HUD

"Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and Social Security: A Primer"
February 2011
Source: Brookings Institute

"Disparities for Women and Minorities in Retirement Security"
October 2011
Source: Society of Actuaries

"How Low-Income Minorities Get By in Retirement: Poverty Levels and Income"
August 2011
Source: USC Edward R. Roybal Institute on Aging

"Latino Workers in the United States: Labor Council for Latin American Advancement"
Source: Latinos for a Secure Retirement

"Improving Retirement Security for Latinos: Overview of Racial and Ethnic Disparities and Ideas for Improvement"
September 2010
Source: Department of Labor

"Latino Baby Boomers: A Demographic and Economic Profile"
May 2010
Source: UCLA Latino Economic Security

"Hispanic Family Caregiving in the US"
November 2008
Source: National Alliance for Caregiving

"Lifting as We Climb: Women of Color, Wealth, and America's Future"
Spring 2010
Source: Insight Center for Community Economic Development

"Advocacy for Latino Baby Boomers," a policy brief that discusses recommendations for protecting an "at risk population"
January 2010
Source: UCLA Center for Policy Research on Aging

"Severe Financial Insecurity Among African American and Latino Seniors," examines the economic security of minority seniors, and proposes policies to enhance financial stability for all seniors
Source: Institute on Assets & Social Policy, Demos

"401(k) Plans in Living Color," studies the 401(k) plan participation by race and how it may influence the savings gap.
Summer 2009
Source: Ariel/Hewitt

"Assessing the Double Burden: Examining Racial and Gender Disparities in Mortgage Lending,"  explores racial and gender disparities in mortgage lending.
June 2009
Source: National Council of Negro Women

"Hispanics and Retirement," discusses the state of older Hispanics and the retirement challenges they face.
April 2009
Source: The Hispanic Institute

"The Economic Consequences of Widowhood for Minority Women," examines the effects of widowhood on different female minority groups and discusses implications of these trends.
Source: Angel, Jacqueline L., Ph.D., Jiménez, Maren A., Angel, Ronald J., Ph.D., The Gerontologist

"Hispanics 65 and Older: Sources of Retirement Income," details sources of retirement income for elderly Hispanics and how the trends for this population differ from the financial security for majority ethnic groups.
November 2004
Source: Public Policy Institute,

"Women's Economic Status in the States: Wide Disparities by Race, Ethnicity, and Region," details discrepancies in women's earnings, what determines them and how they affect economic status.
April 2004
Source: Caiazza, Amy, Ph.D., Shaw, April, and Werschkul, Misha, Institute for Women's Policy Research

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