Women's Lower Median Job Tenure Impacts Their Retirement Savings

Job tenure can result in the loss of pension benefits:

Under many pension plans, an employee has to stay a certain number of years in order to vest, so that at retirement the employee will be eligible to receive benefits contributed by the employer.

  • Under many plans, employees vest after 5 years, but the requirement
    can range from 3 to 7 years.
  • If you leave before you are vested, you lose the money that your employer contributed to your pension or retirement savings plan.

Women leave their jobs more often than men:

Based on January 2008 statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Women age 25 and over stay at their jobs for 5.4 years.
  • Men age 25 and over stay 5.5 years.

Women over 45 years of age stay at their jobs longer, but still leave more often than men of the same age.

Median Job Tenure

 Age Women Men
 25 to 34
 2.9 years
 3.1 years
 35 to44
 5.1 years
 5.4 years
 45 to 54
 7.6 years
 8.2 years
 55 to 64
 10.2 years
 10.7 years
 65 and over  10.5 years  10.0 years



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