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National Resource Center on Women and Retirement Planning Fact Sheets
The National Resource Center on Women and Retirement Planning and WISER have fact sheets on the following topics: Money Basics, Investments, Retirement Basics, Social Security, Health and Caregiving, an Overview of Women's Issues, and fact sheets En Español.
View a complete list of National Resource Center on Women and Retirement Planning fact sheets.

WISERWoman Quarterly Newsletter

Winter 2015 Newsletter

Decisions: Careful Claiming of Social Security Benefits Can
Improve Financial Resources

This issue includes a feature on the recent changes to Social Security that can affect how married and divorced women can claim benefits. Also in this issue are updates on the fight for equal pay and the Older Americans Act. Finally, we share a personal story about a retirement decision many older adults are facing-do I stay where I am or move closer to my family?

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Sonja Meets Her Future Self

"Sonja Meets Her Future Self", developed in collaboration with the Wyoming Retirement System for National Save for Retirement Week, is WISER's newest booklet. Sonja, young girl, travels forward in time and meets future versions of herself to learn the importance of saving and what it means to be retired. This booklet provides a multi-generational look at retirement planning and the valuable lesson of Save, Spend and Give. Sonja is an inspirational tale for women of all ages. It can be used in elementary school classrooms or simply shared with the children in your life.

To learn more about Sonja and to watch a video of the story, click here.

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  Sonja Cover


20 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Company Benefits Plan

When you hear the words “employee benefits,” you think of health care and retirement plans, right? For many Americans, health and retirement plans are just part of a broad range of offerings through work.

“20 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Company Benefits Plan” highlights how employees can make the most of the range of benefits that may be available to them – especially voluntary benefits.

To learn about employer benefits, here are 20 ideas on how you can get more from your company to help you save time and money, and to protect what is important to you. 

Click here to download the brochure for free.

   20 Company Benefits

What Today's Woman Needs to Know and Do: The New Retirement Journey

In conjunction with the MetLife Mature Market Institute WISER released a new booklet on “What Today’s Woman Needs to Know and Do”.  The booklet contains a Retirement Savings and Planning Checklist for each decade with guidelines for women from their 20s to their 70s. It also has a glossary that defines terms like annuity, asset allocation, IRA, reverse mortgage and time horizon, and includes a number of resources women can look to for further retirement investigation and planning.

To download a free copy of this booklet click here.



Divorce and Retirement: Take Control of Retirement Benefits

Because pension and retirement benefits are not automatically split in a divorce, this short, common-sense guide emphasizes the importance of these benefits and offers valuable information on marital property, negotiating an agreement, and getting a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO).

Download the publication for free.


Making Your Money Last for a Lifetime: Why You Need to Know About Annuities

A joint project of The Actuarial Foundation and WISER.

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Don't Run With Your Retirement Money: Understanding Your Resources and How Best to Use Them

Don't Run With Your Retirement Money: Understanding Your Resources and How Best to Use Them is a joint project between WISER and the The Actuarial Foundation Consumer Education Committee. The booklet is filled with practical insights on dealing with lump sum distributions, annuities, self-managed investing, and accounting for taxes. Download the booklet.



Financial Steps for Caregivers

Financial Steps for Caregivers: What You Need to Know about Protecting Your Money and Retirement

is designed to help you identify financial decisions you may face as a caregiver.



What Women Need to Know About Retirement

WISER, in conjunction with the Heinz Family Foundation, released What Women Need to Know About Retirement, a free e-book available for PDF download. The book includes specifics about paying for healthcare, planning for a lifetime of income, social security, and more.



Money & Retirement

A Simple Guide to What Everyone Needs to Know About Money & Retirement provides a simple guide to money and retirement. This publication is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Vietnamese.



Your Future Paycheck: Minority Women And Retirement Income

Your Future Paycheck®: Minority Women and Retirement Income by the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER) found more than four out of every ten minority women in the United States will live in poverty in retirement.
This report educates minority women about the challenges they face in planning for their retirement.



Seven Life-Defining Financial Decisions

Seven Life-Defining Financial Decisions is a joint project of WISER and the Actuarial Foundation. This publication is also available in Spanish.


  Seven Life-Defining Financial Decisions booklet

Siete Decisiones Que Definen tu Vida Financiera

Siete Decisiones Que Definen tu Vida Financiera (Seven Life-Defining Financial Decisions) es un proyecto en colaboración con WISER y la Fundación Actuarial.




2007 Edition of "What Today’s Woman Needs to Know: A Retirement Journey"

The Female Factor

Your Future Paycheck®: What Women Need to Know About Pay, Social Security, Pensions and more

WISER Fact Sheets

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