Cindy Hounsell, President

Lara Hinz, Director of Programs

Suzanne Scruggs, Assistant Director of Programs

Elaine Sawyer, Program Associate

Laurel Beedon, Research Associate 

Carol Seifert, Project Development

Diane L. Browning, Project Manager, WISER Rural Retirement Project 

Cole Haddock, IT Administrator

Mary Pettigrew, Graphic Designer

Margaret Scott, Illustrator



Senior Fellows are appointed by WISER and comprised of experts who have extensive experience and knowledge about retirement financial education and retirement planning. Senior Fellows contribute their time and talents to WISER by participating in presentations, engaging and collaborating with WISER's partners, and helping with research and writing. They have diverse backgrounds and add depth to WISER's outreach, materials, and research.

Cheryl Gannon, WISER Senior Fellow 

Judith Kozlowski, WISER Senior Fellow 

Pamela Perun, WISER Senior Fellow

Amy Shannon, WISER Senior Fellow 

Kathy Stokes, WISER Senior Fellow

Linda K. Stone, WISER Senior Fellow 

Sandra Timmermann, WISER Senior Fellow

Rusty Toler, WISER Senior Fellow 



Vickie Elisa, WISER Community Educator & Trainer (Georgia)

Donna Purchase, WISER Community Educator & Trainer (Metro DC area)



Melissa Kahn, Membership Development

Jody Strakosch, Membership Development

John Cutler, Special Advisor 

Brian Lindberg, Policy Advisor 

Julie Conway, Development & Events

Herb Perone, Communications Advisor