About The National Resource Center

The Center focuses activities on educational materials that meet the special needs of disadvantaged women and their families, including individuals with limited-English proficiency. The Center seeks to improve women's access to basic financial and retirement planning tools that promote financial literacy. A full library of fact sheets is available on topics such as budgeting, saving and investing, understanding retirement plans, long-term care insurance, Social Security, and retiree health.

The Center is designed to ensure maximum exposure to financial planning tools for populations targeted by the Administration on Aging -- in particular, average and low-income, minority, limited-English speaking, rural and other underserved women. The overarching goal of the project is to provide a one-stop gateway to integrate financial information and resources on retirement, health, and long-term planning into programs that are already in existence, such as the programs of the Older Americans Act.

In combating these problems, WISER and the Administration on Aging promote financial and retirement planning by streamlining access to educational tools that empower women to plan for their future economic security, including vulnerable, isolated and hard-to-reach groups of women. The Center has also formed the Aging Network Advisory Council, representing 15 organizations across the country, to promote nationwide outreach on financial education and retirement planning through strategic partnerships. 

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