2012 Press Coverage

"Watch Out: Your 401(k) Is Being Targeted"
December 29, 2012

"Challenges Ahead for Retirees in Wake of Fiscal Cliff"
Huffington Post
December 18, 2012

"Report: Delaying annuity income payments can boost payout by average of 9 percent"
December 14, 2012

"This Week is National Save For Retirement Week"
CBS 5, Cheyenne, WY
October 24, 2012

"Overcome The Retirement 'Gender Gap'"
October 22, 2012

"Retirement presentation for Wyoming women debuts Wednesday"
Casper Star Tribune
October 19, 2012 

"Savings project gives to child care providers in SE Ohio"
The Marietta Times
September 24, 2012 

"The Rules of Retirement for Women"
August 31, 2012 

"Advice on financing retirement"
Gloucester Times
July 27, 2012 

"Family Care' Benefit Could Fix Retiree Pay Gap"
July 11, 2012 

"Money, Forbes Recognize WISER and Cindy Hounsell For Guiding Millions of Women on Road to Financial Security"
Yahoo! Finance
July 05, 2012 

"Money Heroes"
July 05, 2012 

"Employers Try New 401(k) Strategy"
Financial Security Project at Boston College
June 26, 2012 

"Top 100 Websites For Women 2012"
June 20, 2012 

"Helping Nurses Help Themselves: WISER, ANA Announce the Nurses' Investment Education Program"
The Wall Street Journal
May 7, 2012 

"10 Ways Boomers Can Avoid Savings Shortfalls in Retirement"
April 12, 2012 

"The High Cost of Growing Old Alone"
The Fiscal Times
April 10, 2012 

"Women Face Unique Challenges in Retirement Planning"
April 9, 2012 

"Retirement planners re-emphasize the value of Social Security"
April 9, 2012 

"Why Retirement Should Be a Top Priority for Female Business Owners"
Open Forum
March 22, 2012 

"NCOA Offers 6 Tax-Time Tips for Seniors"
March 19, 2012 

"Can Boomer Women Afford to Retire?"
February 8, 2012 

"Are Women Behind the Curve in Saving for Retirement?"
KPBS-San Diego National Public Radio
January 18, 2012