Retirement Planning Calculators

There are many retirement planning calculators online to choose from, but here are a few of WISER's favorites.

Please Note: WISER is not being paid to promote any of the following resources, nor does it endorse any specific financial company, product or services. These tools were selected based on ease of use and information offered. They are free for anyone to use and do not require providing any personal contact information or sign-up/login to see the calculated results.

Retirement Income and Investment Calculators

T. Rowe Price Retirement Income Calculator

Insured Retirement Institute (IRI)'s Retirement Planner

Wells Fargo's My Retirement Plan

Use WISER's investment calculator spreadsheet to see how your investment savings can add up for your retirement if you start now. (This is an excel file.)

WISER's Your Future Paycheck(R) Calculator (annuities)



Other Planning Calculators

Social Security Benefit Estimator

WISER also encourages everyone to sign up for your my Social Security online account through the Social Security Administration. With this account you can get estimates of future benefits and check your earnings record for any errors. It is also a good security measure to make sure no one else attempts to sign up for an account for you.

Living to 100 Longevity Calculator also has links to a variety of planning calculators.

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