2014 Press Coverage

"Plan for a Bigger Tax Bite When Spouse Dies"
December 2014

"Common Mistakes Women Make with Money"
Bangkok Post
December 1, 2014

"Widows Face Years of Undue Financial Hardship"
Next Avenue
November 24, 2014 

"Longevity a key investment challenge facing women"
Miami Herald - Personal Finance
November 7, 2014 

"Retirement Planning"
Montana Public Radio
October 2, 2014  

"Do Women or Men Save More for Retirement?"
Fox Business
September 20,2014  


"Women and Money Management: A Sad Story"
Next Avenue
July 16, 2104 

"As Savers, the Boomers' Kids are Alright"
July 15, 2014  

"A Pioneer Continues to Sound the Women's Retirement Security Alarm"
July 11, 2014 

"A Pioneer Continues to Sound the Women's Retirement Security Alarm"
July 10, 2014 

"Why Millennial Women Have a Money Problem"
U.S. News
June 17, 2014

"Millennial women aren't saving"
June 16, 2014  

"Millennial women aren't saving"
June 16, 2014  

"Web Wealth: Going it alone financially in retirement"
Money Sense - Philly.com
June 15, 2014 

"How Your Grandma Could Lose her Home and her Savings"
Think Progress
June 5, 2014 

"Majority of nurses worry about retirement savings"
Healthcare Traveler
June 4, 2014

"Unsung Heroines Deserve Credit During Older Americans Month"
Gerontological Society of America
May 2014


"Plan Design Changes May Especially Benefit Women"
Plan Sponosr - U.S. Edition
May 22, 2014  

"The challenges of retirement security for women"
Republic 3.0  

"Women need more retirement education and female advisers to help them save"
Employee Benefit Adviser
May 8, 2014  

"Help your mom get organized for Mother's Day"
April 29, 2014 

"Help Your Women Retire
Human Resource Executive Online
April 24, 2014 

"Some Women can get Ex-Husband's Benefits"
April 2, 2014  

"Borzi: People are Afraid to Invest to the Point of 'Paralyzation'"
Financial Advisor
April 2, 2014 

"Why women invest less than men, even though they're better at it"
March 31, 2014  

"When Planning for the Future, Women have been Hands Off"
March 31, 2014 

"Women face retirement-saving challenges"
March 29, 2014

"Rural Appalachia Helps Some Women Save for Retirement"
March 20, 2014

"SEIU Documentary Calls on Lawmakers to Fight Retirement Inquality for Women"
eNews Park Forest
March 11, 2014 

"I am not Margaret Mead" -Video
March 10, 2014 

"7 Steps to a Secure Retirement for Women"
Next Avenue
March 3, 2014  

"5 Retirement Tips Worth Repeating"
January 2, 2014