The Female Factor

  • Women work an average of 12 years less and earn less while working than men.
  • As a result of lower earnings, the median income in retirement for women is only 58 percent of men's.
  • Women are expected to live 80 years from birth, compared to men'slife expectancy of 74 years. The number of women over age 85 is expected to triple over the next 40 years, which means retirement savings will need to stretch over more years.
  • Women are likely to spend some of their retirement years alone due to widowhood or divorce. For women age 85 and older, only 13 percent are married with a spouse present.
  • Women who are living alone face a much greater risk of declining living standards or poverty in old age. 
Read The Female Factor to learn why women face greater retirement risk and what can be done to help beyond employer-based retirement programs. 

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