2010 WISER Symposium

Now Available: Program Materials From WISER's Annual Retirement Security Symposium


In the Know: How Can Retirement Literacy Improve Women's Retirement Decisions?

WISER’s annual retirement security conference
December 2, 2010

Agenda from 2010 Symposium


Symposium Materials

Tab 1: Forum Materials

a. Symposium sponsors

b. Speaker biographies


Tab 2: Research Panel


a.  "An Efficient Way to Improve the Financial Security of Older Women," presented by Mathew Greenwald, Mathew Greenwald & Associates

b.   "SOA 2009 Risks and Process of Retirement Survey: The Impact of Retirement Risks on Women," presented by Cindy Levering, Society of Actuaries

c.   "Workplace Benefits: A Critical Factor in Securing One's Own Financial Future," presented by Andrea Gordon, Unum

Further Reading:

a.  Widows and Social Security, by David A. Weaver, Social Security Bulletin, Vol. 70 No. 3, 2010

b.   Rappport, Anna M. Risk Management Issues for Individuals with Special Emphasis for Women. Working paper to be released in 2011

c.  Gale, Williams G., and Ruth Levine. Financial Literacy: What Works? How Could It Be More Effective? October 2010

d.  Hunt, Shannon. Results from New National Poll Shows Electorate Focused on Retirement. Americans fro Secure Retirement. September 2010

e.  Lusardi, Annamaria and Olivia S. Mitchell. How Ordinary Consumers Make Complex Economic Decisions: Financial Literacy and Retirement Readiness. August 2009


Tab 3: Best Practices from Employers and Plan Sponsors


a.  "Finances and Female Executives: Have Things Changed?," presented by Sandra Timmerman, MetLife Mature Market Institution

b.  "Best Practices in Retirement Education," presented by Annette Grabow, Mortenson Co.

c.  "A Message from the Trenches," presented by Kelli Hueler, CEO, Hueler Companies

d.  "New York Life on Women's Retirement," presented by Thomas Johnson, Senior VP, New York Life Insurance

Further Reading:

a.  The MetLife Study of Finances and Female Executives. MetLife Mature Market Institute and WISER. November 2010
Click here for Study Highlights. Click here for tips from the Study.

b.   Butrica, Barbara A., and Richard W. Johnson. "Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Differentials in Employer-Sponsored Pensions." Testimony before the ERISA Advisory Council, U.S. Department of Labaor. DC, Washington. June 30, 2010

c.  Hewitt Associates. Retirement Income Adequacy at Large Companies: The Real Deal 2010. Research Highlights

d.  Lifetime Income Analysis Tool. Putnam Investments

e.  Everyone talks about "the number", but what does it tell you? Walter Updegrave, Money Magazine

f.  TransAmerica Retirement Survey Identifies Little Known Opportunities to Help Women Better Achieve a Financially Secure Retirement. TransAmerica Center for Retirement Studies. August 31, 2010

g.  Workplace Forecast: Perspectives on Benefits in the Next Five Years. Colonial Life. October 2010


Tab 4: What Individuals Can Do to Improve Retirement Security


a.  "Adult Protective Services: WISER's Annual Women's Retirement Symposium," presented by Kathleen Quinn, National Adult Protective Services Association

b.  "Model Programs & Best Practices: What Individuals Can Do to Improve Retirement Security," presented by Wylecia Wiggs Harris, American Nurses Association

c.  "Rural Retirement Project," presented by Diane Browning, WISER

Further Reading:

a.  "Elder Financial Abuse." Brief by WISER and NAPSA. 2010

b.  Osborne, Jason W. Final Report: Nurse Investor Education Survey. CENTER for American Nurses and the Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement. September 4, 2009

c.  Single Women and Poverty, WISER Fact Sheet. 2010

d.  "Retirement Shouldn't Be A Numbers Game," by Joe Mont, The Street, July 31, 2010


Tab 5: List of Symposium Participants


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