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    The Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

    Friday, July 26th, 2013

    Today marks the twenty-third anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a landmark for anyone living with a disability or serious illness in our country. The legislation prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities in hiring, promotion, job training, and other privileges of employment.

    Disability can affect anyone, and most people know someone with a disability or serious illness, whether it existed from birth or was developed over the course of life by accident or illness. Most peoplweight of the worlde underestimate their risk of disability. Workers at the age of 30 have a one in three chance of being disabled for three months or longer, and a woman at age 45 is three times more likely to be disabled than to die prematurely.

    What many people also fail to realize is that disability can take a serious financial toll. According to the National Disability Institute, 49 million Americans with disabilities are living in poverty, and individuals with disabilities are 3 times more likely than non-disabled individuals to be poor. For women who are already twice as likely as men to be living at or near poverty in old age, living with a disability can further compound their financial insecurity. Because of this, it is important to understand the issues surrounding disability so that you can be prepared if you or a family member ever encounters these challenges.

    For more information on resources and government assistance for people with disabilities, check out WISER’s Disability: Facts and Resources guide at

    Free Social Security Webinar

    Friday, January 23rd, 2009

    Social Security is hosting its first national webinar on January 29, 2009. Retire Online, It’s So Easy! will offer a demonstration of the new Social Security online application as well as a discussion of its key features. If you’re interested in finding out more about the SSA online application, join SSA online at 2pm EST next Thursday. To RSVP, visit

    Social Security: What’s New?

    Monday, October 27th, 2008

    As the seasons change, Social Security is undergoing a few changes as well. These past two weeks have featured two exciting changes in Social Security, including an increased COLA and today’s announcement of the new Compassionate Allowances Initiative:

    • Last week, Social Security announced that Social Security and Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries will receive a 5.8 percent benefit increase in 2009. The 5.8 percent increase is the largest since 1982. The 5.8 percent Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) will begin with benefits that over 50 million Social Security beneficiaries receive in January 2009. These benefits are based on a raise in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W), which increased 5.8 percent this year. To understand how the COLA will impact your benefits, check out this Fact Sheet from Social Security.
    • Today, Social Security announced the national roll-out of its Compassionate Allowances initiative. This initiative will make it faster and easier for disability applications to be processed for people with specific cancers and rare diseases. The 50 conditions that apply are listed here, and Social Security will continue to add more conditions to this list. According to Commissioner Astrue, “The launch of Compassionate Allowances is another step to ensuring Americans with disabilities, especially those with certain cancers and rare diseases, get the benefits they need quickly.”


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