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Recent Press

Avoid These Common Flaws of Many Retirement Plans
September 10, 2020

The Things We Get Wrong Planning For Retirement
August 28, 2020
Forbes/Next Avenue

Securing Retirement for Women with Vickie Elisa
July 29, 2020
Finance of America Reverse LLC
Interview with Vickie Elisa, WISER Community Educator and Trainer.

Building Your Retirement Paycheck
June 26, 2020
Article by Cindy Hounsell, WISER President as part of the Planning for your Future campaign in partnership with Mediaplanet

What do women want from their financial advisers? Straight talk, clear explanations, and lower fees, for starters
June 3, 2020

Adult Children 101: Navigating Life And Finances With Aging Parents
By Cindy Hounsell, WISER President and Forbes Contributing Author
May 28, 2020

An Inclusive Approach to Setting (or Resetting) a Financial Wellness Program
May 27, 2020

What Women 50+ Want From Financial Advisers: Much More Than Men
May 21, 2020
Next Avenue

25 Years After The 1995 White House Aging Conference, Where We Are Now
May 6, 2020
Next Avenue

The Next Steps for a Surviving Spouse
May 2020
Kiplinger’s Retirement Report

Really? You’re Kidding. You Think Now’s The Time For Financial Literacy?
By Cindy Hounsell, WISER President and Forbes Contributing Author
April 27, 2020

The Hope Gap: A Glimmer of Good News from Capitol Hill & White House
by Cindy Hounsell, WISER President and Forbes Contributing Author
March 28, 2020

Retirement Considerations for Women
March 12, 2020

Special Report: Women and Investing
March 2, 2020

Opinion: How can women do a better job preparing for retirement?
February 26, 2020

Women and Retirement: Understanding Their Needs and Achieving Their Goals
DC Dimensions Magazine
Winter 2020

What Could Improve Women’s Retirement Outlook
February 19, 2020
Forbes/Next Avenue

5 Ways to Stop Divorce from Wrecking Your Retirement
January 29, 2020

Opinion: How to get better at growing older in 2020
December 30, 2019

Caregivers Face Additional Financial Strains That Limit Retirement Funds
by Cindy Hounsell, WISER President
December 17, 2019
National Community Reinvestment Coalition (blog)

When Only One Spouse Wants to Handle the Money
December 15, 2019
The Wall Street Journal

PODCAST: How Women Can Make Their Money Last in Retirement
The new ‘Friends Talk Money’ podcast has advice from four experts

Featuring WISER President, Cindy Hounsell
October 28, 2019
Forbes/Next Avenue

Why is it still so hard for women to save for retirement? 
October 3, 2019

It doesn’t have to be a nursing home 
August 14, 2019
The River Reporter (Narrowsburg, NY)

Inflation and your savings
August 14, 2019
The River Reporter (Narrowsburg, NY)

Financial Relief Available For Dementia Victims, Families Say Experts
August 6, 2019

This group of women bears the highest retirement risk
July 23, 2019

The Women Facing The Greatest Retirement Risk
July 10, 2019
Forbes/Next Avenue

Melinda Gates is funding this Wall Street rebel who is teaching women to invest and stick it to the banks
May 23, 2019

Congress Poised To Advance Retirement Security For Millions With Saver’s Credit Fix
by Cindy Hounsell, Contributor for Forbes
May 23, 2019

Caregivers need to secure nest egg
Interview with WISER President Cindy Hounsell
Chicago Tribune
April 10, 2019

Are Any of the Paid Family Leave Plans Actually Any Good?
The Cut
April 8, 2019

Financial Challenges Facing Women
An expert weighs in on the unique issues women face when planning for retirement.
Interview with WISER President Cindy Hounsell
Kiplinger’s Retirement Report
March 25, 2019

Bills by Rep. Richard Neal seek to prop up retirees’ pension plans
March 21, 2019

Use Social Security to Pay for Parental Leave? That’s a ‘Terrible Idea,’ Experts Say
March 16, 2019

The Single Woman’s Guide to Retirement Planning
March 1, 2019

Eight W.Va. projects get nearly $4 million in funds from Appalachian Regional Commission
WTAP-NBC (Parkersburg, WV)
February 22, 2019

What Could Help Women Facing Financial Challenges For Retirement Avenue
February 12, 2019

Senate Committee Fields Suggestions for Promoting Savings
February 12, 2019

Senate Committee Looks at Answers to ‘Looming Crisis’
February 6, 2019

Assessing Trump’s First 2 Years For Older Americans
Forbes/Next Avenue
January 15, 2019


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